Designed by graphic designer and Ambrose alum, Christopher Mandle '04, '06, this print features a collage of elements from the work of Fr. Edward Catich. Print includes the slogan Fons Luminis, which means center of light, or center of learning. Sizes available: 1'x1' or 2'x2'. Printed on museum quality acid free paper. Contact Fr. Bud Grant for ordering information.


This limited edition piece by artist Donna Young '82 is offered exclusively through the Center for the Study of St. Ambrose of Milan. Only 300 available. Signed by artist. Contact Fr. Bud Grant for ordering information.



by Rev. Fr. Bud Grant, Ph.D '80. 1st Edition. Signed by author. Composed in a series of heavily illustrated and brief narratives, this text is our invitation to you to get to know St. Ambrose of Milan better. Tables, photos, map, annotated bibliography, and "obituary" and even a "letter of reference" for Ambrose enhance the reader's experience. Written by our Director, designed by a board member, edited by our Coordinator, and illustrations by faculty, student and alumni participants in our international studies initiatives, this elegant little book is a collaboration of Ambrosians on Ambrose. Contact Fr. Bud Grant for ordering information.



by Rev. Fr. Bud Grant, Ph.D '80. a work of theological/historical fiction, Pontifex explores the questions of the IV century Roman Empire, and the answers given those questions by the great figures of the age, Theodosius and Ambrose of Milan.


They Were That Poor

by Rev. Fr. Bud Grant, Ph.D '80. Two orphaned brothers access a mysterious library to begin a quest after their own past, possible futures, and also the nature of truth, tradition, and religion. They experience many life-times of adventure, love, loss, fright, and mystery without ever leaving their flat, and all in the course of one Winter Solstice night.